About Us


At Talented Tots, our teachers are trained in Conscious Discipline. Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive social-emotional and daycare classroom management program that uses everyday life events to teach children and adults self-control, conflict resolution, character development and social skills. Conscious Discipline integrates learning, discipline and self-control so that teachers can spend less time on behavior and more time teaching. It is an “evidence based” behavior program that was named a national model for character education by the Florida State Legislature.

By law and Talented Tots Learning Center philosophy and policy, the following forms of discipline are forbidden: hitting, spanking, shaking, scolding, shaming, isolating, labeling ("bad", "naughty", etc.) or any other negative reaction to a child's behavior. All forms of corporal (physical) punishment are strictly forbidden.

**If a child is harmful to another child, teacher or himself and cannot be redirected, we will notify the parent for immediate pick-up. If the behavior continues, the parent may be asked to find alternative care.

Emergency Care


Minor bumps and scrapes are inevitable, but we make every effort to keep your child safe through close supervision and childproofing. Minor injuries will receive the appropriate first aid and you will be contacted to inform you of the injury. If an emergency illness or injury occurs, you will be contacted immediately. If you cannot be reached, we will call your emergency contact numbers to make medical decisions in an emergency situation.