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Summer is Here

Summer is a time to relax, take a family vacation, and have fun with our friends. But, the rise in temperature and outdoor time brings new concerns.

Sunburns: Use lots of sunscreen. Try different brands with different ingredients. My personal favorite is the zinc oxide type. Find what works best for your child. Some may prefer spray on their body but cream on their face. Don't forget to apply sunscreen before heading outdoors. Re-apply throughout the day.

Water safety: You should reassess your child's swim abilities before every trip around water. Floatation equipment approved by the US Coastguard is best; your child's life is worth it. Active supervision is always important. Make it a habit to keep a child within arm's reach when playing in or around water.

Hydration: Dehydration happens quickly. In the heat, children sometimes have a hard time realizing they are thirsty. Remind them to drink water regularly. Electrolyte filled Gatorade popsicles or getting a personalized new water bottle can also help with keeping a child well-hydrated.


  • June: National Fruit & Veggies Month
  • June 8: Best Friends Day
  • June 16: Father's Day
  • June 20: First Day of Summer